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Nursing Articles and Publications

Nursing Articles and Publications

Nursing Articles and Publications


Nursing articles and publications are the primary focus of Lippincott We know what it takes to be successful as a clinical practitioner, and our articles and publications are developed to improve your clinical knowledge and educational experience.


Our nurses publications include:

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Many of our nursing articles are among the top journals, including AJN, American Journal of Nursing, Nursing2016, Nursing Management, Nursing and Nursing2016 Critical Care. Most articles are offered as part of a free or reasonably priced nursing journal. All press articles that continue education are always free, only paid when you want to get EC credit.


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We have partnered with more than 20 companies, and are happy to share nursing publications in these esteemed organizations. Our newspapers will provide you with the tools and resources you need to advance your career. Come back often to see the latest additions to the growing collection of articles and publications.

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The New York history professor left

The New York history professor left

The New York history professor left after exchanging test questions to a student who has shared details on Facebook.

A Bronx teacher has provided the questions of a history test prior to the test to a student who posted the information on his Facebook page, according to an official report.
The Special Investigation Commissioner’s report has been an allegation that Master Alyssa Palma inspected the Regents’ history examination of last year’s test and struck the unidentified student.
Palma was a master at the Envision Bronx Academy at the time of the incident.
The girl has posted the information on Facebook and urged her friends to share.
However, two students who saw the publication alerted another teacher.
According to the SCI report, which was seen by the NY Post, “They asked the teacher if it was possible for a student to know the questions in advance.
The teacher assured the students that there was no way to
Officials interviewed the student who has posted the information said he heard colleagues discuss the test on the bus.
However, the student’s brother said his sister teacher had called him twice on the morning of the exam.
Evidence of a cell phone linked to Palma supported the claim.

According to the report, “A student said that he has written the discussion questions on his Facebook page because he thought it would be useful for other students.”
Palma resigned shortly after the incident and has not been questioned by investigators because it could not be traced.
Education Ministry spokesman Michael Aciman said: “Ensuring academic integrity in our schools is essential, and the incident was reported and investigated.
It was confirmed that Palma no longer worked for the department or that he would be offered another teaching job in the future.

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All About Wallpaper

All About Wallpaper

All About Wallpaper

Is the wallpaper in return? Today’s wallpaper is nothing like your grandmother! Innovative models, drawings and personalized documents are the pop home.

Those days old wallpaper
The wallpaper can be traced back to the Renaissance Europe. Historically, the background image was created to replace costly tapestries that were so common. As the trend grew, different wallpaper patterns were available.

People appreciate plastering their walls well into the 1980’s when the screen suddenly became boring. The murals have quickly taken the place of the old document. Drabes and floral patterns simply do not appeal to the average consumer of the 80s – on the other hand, who can blame them?

For the last two or three years, the wallpaper began to resurface. The modern wallpaper is eccentric, colorful and spit full of divine design. As more and more consumers are tired of the normal old paint, wallpaper is rapidly gaining popularity.

Here are some wallpaper designers you want to check:

Ferm Living: This Danish designer created different shades of paper that you will love. Black roses, family trees, blue animated squares – this designer can not be transmitted! If you have something really unique, look no further than Ferm Living.
Paper Taste: Vintage (or contemporary) painted to the search screen can be yours when you buy Paper flavor. These designs easily saupent any wall creating an unforgettable space. Look at the drawings of “flower of flavor”, “Party Girl” and “Monaco”.
Graham & Brown: The designs of this manufacturer are a bit more controlled compared to paper flavor models, but they are still innovative. The Eco collection is soothing and relaxing, while Fashion Collection is everything you want and more.
Olli and lime: with a name like Olli and lime, you know that both the English designer has fun with the background image. Billie and George’s prints are perfect for any room that needs some sperm – do not forget to see the other items in the room of this designer as well.
Studio nommo: Even if you’re not in the wallpaper market you need to see these models! Studio nommo (a Istanbul design firm that works with other designers from around the world) created a wallpaper similar drawings. You will find cartoon cityscapes, colorful penguins, capricious flowers and many other models that you really should not live without.

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wallpaper details

wallpaper details

wallpaper details

The wallpaper is a type of material used to cover and decorate interior walls of homes, offices, cafeterias, public buildings, museums, post offices and other buildings; This is one aspect of interior decoration. It is usually sold in rolls and placed on a wall using painted wallpaper. Wallpapers can appear as a “paper coating” (which can be painted or used to help cover uneven surfaces and minor wall defects, thus giving a better surface), texture (like Anaglypta) With the regular repeat pattern or, less frequently nowadays, with a large non-repetitive design centered on a set of sheets. The smallest rectangle that can be tiled to form the entire pattern is known as the repeat pattern name.

Background printing techniques include surface printing, gravure printing, screen printing, rotary printing and digital printing. The wallpaper is composed of long rollers, suspended vertically on a wall. The modified wallpapers are designed so that the pattern “repeat” and the cut pieces of the same roll can be connected to each other in order to continue the pattern without easy to see where the union between two parts occurs. In the case of large images, complex models, this is usually done by starting the second part up to half the length of the repeat, so that if the descending pattern, the roller repeats after 24 inches, the next piece laterally Roll is cut to Start 12 inches below the template’s first. The number of times the pattern is repeated horizontally on a roll does not matter for this purpose. A single pattern can be emitted in several different colors.

The world’s most expensive wallpaper, ‘The War of Independence’ was priced at £ 24,896.50 ($ 44,091 or £ 36,350) for a set of 32 panels. The wallpaper was designed by Zuber in France and is very popular in the United States.

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OnePlus and the India connect so far- Good and bad

OnePlus and the India connect so far- Good and bad

OnePlus and the India connect so far- Good and bad

When OnePlus arrived in India with OnePlus 1, there was a predictable confusion around the name. People asking if the name was OnePlus or one more, all the people who assume there was a +1 of some kind with each model they bought. After all, the phone is sold by invitation only, one of the clearest marketing tactics used in the combined category for years. People prayed, negotiated and did not do much to get a precious “invitation”. In a category that sought to specialize in the first wave of Chinese manufacturers entering directly in India. It was a bold and refreshing approach.

Touched as the flagship killer, the most important phone has not let down, offering a strong combination of memory, screen size, processor and battery at a remarkable price so remarkable. The company went on to sell more than 1.5 million units worldwide.

But One Plus managed to slide up, despite so strong, and by its own admission, “luck” begins. With One Plus 2. Launched quickly to leverage the momentum, OnePlus 1 had built One Plus 2, since it was not a disaster, it was a wet firecracker. In hindsight, when the problems cited by their “failure” are the customer care processor, even if it does not have NFC and much more, we believe that the fundamental problem is that the company did not intend to invite only one approach to be integrated Used to generate so much good will.

The OnePlus IMR 2 Exam: Trouble areas in OnePlus 2 unlock the camera, fingerprint scanner, battery backup and camera application. It’s not that these problems can not be solved through software updates, but you have to see how fast the OnePlus done and, more importantly, should be OTA updates.

In addition, One Plus also experienced a new device called OnePlus X, which we believe was an average device. He had problems with his camera, and his shiny body was not appreciated by many users.

In June 2016, the launch of One Plus 3 in India, and in November, the company followed the One More 3T. And the lessons learned went well. Terminals delivered in the strongest One Plus mode, the equation for money, even if they have built the “quality” of the image and the “exclusive” brand. Arguably for the demanding and well-cared Indian buyer, the One more has done much in his short life to improve the combined perceptions made in China, Chinese players in the market for a long time. This time, despite the low range between 3 and OnePlus One Plus 3T, users do not suspect too, because the buyer has changed OnePlus OnePlus could see 3T offered some additional bells and whistles for a bit more. It is important to note that the company has fulfilled its promises regarding the update of the Turrón and more.

Taking TMI OnePlus 3T and 3: OnePlus 3T is easily the best smartphone of 2016 when we consider the “value for money” proposal. Otherwise, it would still be the top five with OnePlus 3. If your budget is around Rs 30,000, that is the best OnePlus hardware and software to date. However, if you own OnePlus 3, you do not need to switch to OnePlus 3T. There are devices in this price range, but no one even comes close to what the 3 and 3T have to offer.

So, what is expected of OnePlus 5? Throughout this time leaked on the device – directly from the size of the screen, the processor, the memory and the camera, but the final price. More importantly, we hope that the company will not create a kind of surprise in the price front with the One Plus 5, as it is still its biggest USP, and it is not cheap. The OnePlus is still one of the brands shown, even if it costs 25 to 45% less than the brands and combines with comparable features. An error rate could lead to a repeat of the One Plus 2, although the company has improved its support and others in ground support appreciably.

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Qualcomm announced its own platform

Qualcomm announced its own platform

Qualcomm announced its own platform for Smart Home speakers

The intelligent speaker ecosystem has yet to materialize in India, but was considered as the “next big thing” abroad. Given our propensity for new technology, it is inevitable that these speakers will eventually reach India, and the announcement of Qualcomm Today could be the starting point for this. The company announced Qualcomm smart audio platform in its developer conference on music and voice in Shenzhen today. The platform is, of course, guided by Qualcomm chips.

This essentially means that Qualcomm sees the potential in this industry, as in smartphones, it wants to boost the ecosystem with its chips and software. In this way, Qualcomm also simplifies new businesses, especially smaller ones, to quickly develop intelligent speaker systems. The platform essentially demands as a kind of plug and play for developers and OEMs that do not have massive resources like Google, Amazon or Apple.

Intelligent audio platform includes technologies such as echo cancellation, noise cuts, support for voice assistants and the “reliable” voice interface for noisy environments. There is also a “Capture” capability and developers can sign an Amazon pre-built Assistant as Alexa Assistant or Google.

In addition, Qualcomm enables Allplay multi-room audio technology using its technology. It should be an Achilles heel, at least initially, although with more OEMs using the Qualcomm platform, Allplay could also be more useful. When Amazon Eco Home and Google can not work with each other, Qualcomm Allplay can allow different speakers to operate synchronously with each other. “The Allplay compatible speakers are designed to be easily set to read synchronized music in multiple rooms, different music in multiple speaker zones and surround multiple channel wireless speakers in the same room,” says Qualcomm.

Of course, this depends on whether the team really wants this to happen, which is unlikely to say the least. Most companies want the consumer to stay in their own ecosystems, especially large ones like Apple, Samsung, Google and others. Smart audio platform Qualcomm also allows Linux and Android operating systems things, allowing greater interoperability if the OEM chooses mode. The use of Android Things also make them speakers compatible with Google Cast.

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crumbling traditions create a whole new ballgame

crumbling traditions create a whole new ballgame

port 2.0- crumbling traditions create a whole new ballgame

awn London 2012 opening ceremony of Danny Boyle eviscerated any persistent public cynicism while the arrival of Britain’s team and coverage of Arctic Monkeys Beatles Comeled pushed everyone into the Olympic stadium. Now, as the screams and waves of intense noise finally collapse, Sebastian Coe, the organizer of the Games, seeks to encourage millions to appreciate the unique power of sport.

“There is a truth to the sport,” he insists. “A purity, a drama, intensity – a spirit that makes it irresistible to participate and that forces you to look.”

Can you feel: when the sport was clean? But at that moment, the words of the Coe prophecy instantly demonstrated. That night, Britain then submerged in an Olympic finger for 16 days.

The figures are extraordinary. Almost 49 million mobile phones see the opening and closing. More than 17 million see Usain Bolt with the men’s final 100 meters. And another 12 million cheer to see homemade Super Saturday while Greg Rutherford, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah win the gold in 47 minutes the tympanometry crack. That night, a joke turns viral on Twitter. “A ginger, mixed female and a single Somali refugee enter a bar – and everyone invites them to a drink.”

Through London – clumsy, manic, head down to London – everyone seems to wear a permanent smile on their face, as if the serotonin is pumped into the water supply. In the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland even ask if the Games could “mark the end of the era of Britain’s decline.” In the midst of such boundless joy, it seems quite reasonable.

Coe, however, was right. Sport has had that special ability to unite, delight and inspire.


Hashtag United, Wimbly Womblys and virtual players who hit hard
Read more
Reel forward five years, however, and the image is not so steep. There were shocking revelations of cheating in Russia sponsored by the state, according to Canadian law professor Richard McLaren, “corrupted the London Olympics on an unprecedented scale” – while the sordid tales of corruption in the halls of FIFA and the International Association of Athletics Federations would put a banana republic into shame.

Meanwhile, the sport does not seem so convincing to see, either. In the United States, ESPN’s subscriber base has gone from 100 million in 2011 to 88 million according to the latest Nielsen ratings. Meanwhile, Cielo, which spends £ 4.2 billion a year to show 126 Premier League games, has seen its average live television viewing by 14% compared to last season.

Increasingly, viewers want shorter, sharper and biting entertainment on mobile devices. No wonder some of them are trying to redesign their products to avoid being seen as boring and outdated.

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Sehwag A Great Player

Sehwag A Great Player

Sehwag A Great Player, Kohli World’s Best, Says Latif in Dramatic U-Turn

Pakistan’s former battery drummer, Rashid Latif, has launched a storm after his shot against the virginity of Virender Sehwag. After a serious reaction from social networks, which included a video response batsman Manoj Tiwary of India, Latif has uploaded a video surveillance. The 48-year-old man described as a great hitter Sehwag and said he had scored two triple centuries in the test cricket.
“I wanted to warn Sehwag a lesson after his comments about Pakistan.We should respect him.Hehwag was a great player who scored two triple centuries.But he has to understand that a country should not be respected.I’m just talking but Pakistan should not miss Respect for teams like Sri Lanka or Bangladesh, “Latif said.
Latif also congratulated India for winning the Champions Trophy semi-final and called Virat Kohli’s captain the best hitter in the world.
“I congratulate India, they have a good chance to become the final, Virat Kohli is the best hitter in the world.” Kumble (India coach) played against me.He is a very honest person. Others who played against me and I have heard of them, like Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Ajay Jadeja, Azharuddin, Srinath, Srikkanth I congratulate them all, “he said.

After India hammered Pakistan by 124 runs in their first Group B match at Edgbaston on June 4, Sehwag led to Twitter to congratulate India led by Virat Kohli in the big win.
Sehwag tweeted, referring to the big victory in the practice match with Bangladesh and the victory over Pakistan. “Keh Baad Bete Pot Koi baat nahi Beta Treated Bharat Congratulations #BaapBaapHotaHai #INDvPAK”
But it does not go well with Latif.
In response to the updates of Sehwag, Latif has sent the video, which was developed in Pakistan’s central news channel, Siasi Central, which affected the former opener of India.
Sehwag, who is known not to contain himself, decided to respond quietly.
“Meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words,” Sehwag writes in his Twitter account.
Latif played 37 tests and 166 ODIs, scoring 1381 and 1709 in his 11-year career in baseball and boxing.