The New York history professor left

The New York history professor left

The New York history professor left after exchanging test questions to a student who has shared details on Facebook.

A Bronx teacher has provided the questions of a history test prior to the test to a student who posted the information on his Facebook page, according to an official report.
The Special Investigation Commissioner’s report has been an allegation that Master Alyssa Palma inspected the Regents’ history examination of last year’s test and struck the unidentified student.
Palma was a master at the Envision Bronx Academy at the time of the incident.
The girl has posted the information on Facebook and urged her friends to share.
However, two students who saw the publication alerted another teacher.
According to the SCI report, which was seen by the NY Post, “They asked the teacher if it was possible for a student to know the questions in advance.
The teacher assured the students that there was no way to
Officials interviewed the student who has posted the information said he heard colleagues discuss the test on the bus.
However, the student’s brother said his sister teacher had called him twice on the morning of the exam.
Evidence of a cell phone linked to Palma supported the claim.

According to the report, “A student said that he has written the discussion questions on his Facebook page because he thought it would be useful for other students.”
Palma resigned shortly after the incident and has not been questioned by investigators because it could not be traced.
Education Ministry spokesman Michael Aciman said: “Ensuring academic integrity in our schools is essential, and the incident was reported and investigated.
It was confirmed that Palma no longer worked for the department or that he would be offered another teaching job in the future.

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