OCR - one of the largest review boards

OCR – one of the largest review boards

OCR – one of the largest review boards – had to apologize three times in two weeks for errors published in their exams

Two major exam boards apologized for including errors in their documents remotely level examinations.

The AQA board of trustees has been criticized for including an “unanswered” question in the chemistry document, OCR admitted an error in its A Level Biology article sat next to 19,000 students on Monday.

Biology candidates were asked to calculate a standard deviation but they have not received the necessary formula to do so as required by the examination program.

It is understood that the error in the chemical paper – taken by another 20,000 students – was similar in nature.

This is the third time in two weeks that OCR was forced to apologize for errors received by students and teachers in the exam room.

OCR apologized and said it would settle for any impact during the marking and classification.

Some students who submitted the AQA Chemistry document this week were told by supervisors to ignore the wrong question on paper.

In complaining about social media, however, many said that they had no doubt about what to do or were informed that once the review was already under way.

AQA said schools were informed before the error, which referred to a question in two points.

The question will be updated when it is marked, which means that all students will credit both marks, regardless of their response.

A spokesman for the regulator’s examinations, Ofqual, said: “We hope all documents are error-free.

“When mistakes are not identified prior to the exam, we expect review boards to do everything they can to minimize the impact on students.

“This is our immediate priority, and we are monitoring their actions. Once the results are transmitted, we carefully examine the reasons for the errors that occurred and act if necessary.”

The control body could not confirm whether there had been a perceived increase in paper test errors for candidates who participated in the tests this year.

The question implicitly mistaken by the character Theobald, the work of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, came from Montague’s family, when in fact it is Capulet.

And last week, the same advice was apologized for psychology issue A very pronounced level, which asked students to “calculate the average percentage of words.”

Students affected by the last error of the Commission have launched a petition to require that the limits are reduced grade.

OCR said in a statement: “To a question about document H420 / 01 Biological Biology An OCR (Question 20a, worth 3 points out of 100), the formula for the standard deviation does not make it proportionate.

“Some OCR counseling schools and teachers on the specification indicate that the candidates would receive it. OCR apologizes and resolve any impact during the marking and classification.”

A spokesman for AQA said: “This would not have happened and apologize.

“Each of our examination materials goes through a lot of checks, but unfortunately mistakes can sometimes happen.

“When they do, we always make sure the students do not lose and we have a team look at it now to find out how this happened.”

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