Beal's Conjecture

Beal’s Conjecture vs. “Positive Zero”, Fight

Beal’s Conjecture vs. “Positive Zero”, Fight


SUMMARY. This article seeks to promote the debate among young people today regarding a possible solution to the Beal conjecture. It breaks one of the most difficult mathematical problems in the world in simple terms and students compels to question some of the most fundamental rules of mathematics. But presisamente; It reinforces algebra / basic critical thinking skills by using the properties assigned to a number and thenanalyses the definition of a positive integer to provide an counter-example potential Beal conjecture.
1. The Champion Undefeated: A x ^ + B ^ y ^ z = C

When A, B, C, x, y and z are positive integers with x, y, z> 2, then A, B, and C have a common prime factor.

2. Now, for the cons-example of Destiny. Let the game begin:

Pre-Fight: Beal’s conjecture is not true when (A ^ x = 1) + B = C ^ y ^ z. This is because one has no primary factors.

Final party: There are cases in positive 0 is not identical to zero. In the ordinary arithmetic, -0 = 0 = 0. However, in the calculation of certain quantity representations allow the existence of two zeros, reference is often made -0 (negative zero ) And 0 (positive zero) “i. In addition, the same website showed that signed 0 times produces different results 0. “… the concept of zero sign is contrary to the general belief in fact in most fields of mathematics (and in most courses Mathematics) that the negative zero is equal to zero.The actions that allow a negative zero can be a source of errors in the programs because the software developers do not realize (or remember) that, although both zero representations behave as equals In numerical comparisons, which are different bit patterns and give different results in certain operations. ” In addition, the site confirmed that the signed zero can be used to represent different concepts “… zero signed echoes the concept of mathematical analysis approach or from the unilateral boundary background, which can be denoted by x → 0-, x → 0-ox → ↑ 0. The notation “-0” can be used informally to refer to a small negative number that has been rounded to zero. Other disciplines “as 0 is an integer and it is possible for positive 0 not to be the same as 0; This means that there are some rare cases where positive 0 could be considered a positive integer, due to the fact that it is both positive and as a whole.

DESTINATION: If the formula (A ^ x = 1) + B ^ C ^ y = z is used when the existence of positive is allowed or can be considered as a positive integer, then the following statement refutes the Beal conjecture: ^ 3 + (0) ^ 4 = 1 ^ 5 (When reduced, this equals 1 + 0 = 1).

3. travel during lethality (values used): A = 1 B = 0 C = 1 + x 3 = y = z = 4 5

4A. You can choose a winner 😕 Some people may say that Beal’s conjecture won this fight for the fact that zero is never included in “positive integers”. In addition, some people may say that it is strongly implied that the numbers used in the final answer must be greater than zero. Others may argue that positive zero won the party due to the fact that it is never specifically stated in the question that a positive integer should be greater than zero or part of the “official positive integers.” The only integer question should be positive and against ALL-example to the question is acceptable. Depending on what you read in this story and what you have learned in previous math courses, who do you think will win the last game?

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