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All About Wallpaper

All About Wallpaper

All About Wallpaper

Is the wallpaper in return? Today’s wallpaper is nothing like your grandmother! Innovative models, drawings and personalized documents are the pop home.

Those days old wallpaper
The wallpaper can be traced back to the Renaissance Europe. Historically, the background image was created to replace costly tapestries that were so common. As the trend grew, different wallpaper patterns were available.

People appreciate plastering their walls well into the 1980’s when the screen suddenly became boring. The murals have quickly taken the place of the old document. Drabes and floral patterns simply do not appeal to the average consumer of the 80s – on the other hand, who can blame them?

For the last two or three years, the wallpaper began to resurface. The modern wallpaper is eccentric, colorful and spit full of divine design. As more and more consumers are tired of the normal old paint, wallpaper is rapidly gaining popularity.

Here are some wallpaper designers you want to check:

Ferm Living: This Danish designer created different shades of paper that you will love. Black roses, family trees, blue animated squares – this designer can not be transmitted! If you have something really unique, look no further than Ferm Living.
Paper Taste: Vintage (or contemporary) painted to the search screen can be yours when you buy Paper flavor. These designs easily saupent any wall creating an unforgettable space. Look at the drawings of “flower of flavor”, “Party Girl” and “Monaco”.
Graham & Brown: The designs of this manufacturer are a bit more controlled compared to paper flavor models, but they are still innovative. The Eco collection is soothing and relaxing, while Fashion Collection is everything you want and more.
Olli and lime: with a name like Olli and lime, you know that both the English designer has fun with the background image. Billie and George’s prints are perfect for any room that needs some sperm – do not forget to see the other items in the room of this designer as well.
Studio nommo: Even if you’re not in the wallpaper market you need to see these models! Studio nommo (a Istanbul design firm that works with other designers from around the world) created a wallpaper similar drawings. You will find cartoon cityscapes, colorful penguins, capricious flowers and many other models that you really should not live without.