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OnePlus and the India connect so far- Good and bad

OnePlus and the India connect so far- Good and bad

OnePlus and the India connect so far- Good and bad

When OnePlus arrived in India with OnePlus 1, there was a predictable confusion around the name. People asking if the name was OnePlus or one more, all the people who assume there was a +1 of some kind with each model they bought. After all, the phone is sold by invitation only, one of the clearest marketing tactics used in the combined category for years. People prayed, negotiated and did not do much to get a precious “invitation”. In a category that sought to specialize in the first wave of Chinese manufacturers entering directly in India. It was a bold and refreshing approach.

Touched as the flagship killer, the most important phone has not let down, offering a strong combination of memory, screen size, processor and battery at a remarkable price so remarkable. The company went on to sell more than 1.5 million units worldwide.

But One Plus managed to slide up, despite so strong, and by its own admission, “luck” begins. With One Plus 2. Launched quickly to leverage the momentum, OnePlus 1 had built One Plus 2, since it was not a disaster, it was a wet firecracker. In hindsight, when the problems cited by their “failure” are the customer care processor, even if it does not have NFC and much more, we believe that the fundamental problem is that the company did not intend to invite only one approach to be integrated Used to generate so much good will.

The OnePlus IMR 2 Exam: Trouble areas in OnePlus 2 unlock the camera, fingerprint scanner, battery backup and camera application. It’s not that these problems can not be solved through software updates, but you have to see how fast the OnePlus done and, more importantly, should be OTA updates.

In addition, One Plus also experienced a new device called OnePlus X, which we believe was an average device. He had problems with his camera, and his shiny body was not appreciated by many users.

In June 2016, the launch of One Plus 3 in India, and in November, the company followed the One More 3T. And the lessons learned went well. Terminals delivered in the strongest One Plus mode, the equation for money, even if they have built the “quality” of the image and the “exclusive” brand. Arguably for the demanding and well-cared Indian buyer, the One more has done much in his short life to improve the combined perceptions made in China, Chinese players in the market for a long time. This time, despite the low range between 3 and OnePlus One Plus 3T, users do not suspect too, because the buyer has changed OnePlus OnePlus could see 3T offered some additional bells and whistles for a bit more. It is important to note that the company has fulfilled its promises regarding the update of the TurrĂ³n and more.

Taking TMI OnePlus 3T and 3: OnePlus 3T is easily the best smartphone of 2016 when we consider the “value for money” proposal. Otherwise, it would still be the top five with OnePlus 3. If your budget is around Rs 30,000, that is the best OnePlus hardware and software to date. However, if you own OnePlus 3, you do not need to switch to OnePlus 3T. There are devices in this price range, but no one even comes close to what the 3 and 3T have to offer.

So, what is expected of OnePlus 5? Throughout this time leaked on the device – directly from the size of the screen, the processor, the memory and the camera, but the final price. More importantly, we hope that the company will not create a kind of surprise in the price front with the One Plus 5, as it is still its biggest USP, and it is not cheap. The OnePlus is still one of the brands shown, even if it costs 25 to 45% less than the brands and combines with comparable features. An error rate could lead to a repeat of the One Plus 2, although the company has improved its support and others in ground support appreciably.